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This is about a "love tragedy" between a girl and me in the USA where I've been an exchange student for a school year. Tracy has been 16 while I have had just turned 18 years. We visited the same school. Tracy asked me in the hallway to attend a ballroom dancing class
German. I was surprised, because we haven't talked before and we weren't in common classes.
Spontaneously, I appealed to do so, because I loved social dacing (1988, I attended a basic and an advanced ballroom dancing class already) and also, I was interested in socializing. Days later, we danced which was a lot of fun. Of course, dancing that way is a way to get closer to each other. That sport is great to get aquainted. Since I didn't own a vehicle and there was no public transport system she always picked me up with her Japanese sports car for classes from my home. The class duration was several weeks. At the end she asked me out for a "mousse au chocolate" at a place in the mountains outside Hood River. I agreed to get to know her on a more private basis. Tracy has become my kind of girl, intellect and from her being itself. She had the certain "extra". We had almost the same favorites (international, artistic and always in a good mood). Her grandparents are originally from Japan. She appeared for my Graduation ceremonies without notice altough she was a Sophmore and said farewell with personal and written words. A few days later, I had to leave to Germany. Ofently, she made moves towards a relationship but I was afraid that it all fails due to a common future. Nowadays, I regret strongly, not to have given us a chance. I liked her very much. She was writing a few post cards, e.g. from Italy (Capri) and Ithaca, NY (Cornell University); despite my  - neutral - answers, she didn't reply. I have no idea what she's thinking or doing. She's probably working as leader in a business firm. About 2001, she was President of the Japanese Exchange Teacher Alumni Association, JETAA. Since 15 years, I'm thinking of Tracy every day. When I finished school at 1992, I looked towards a way to get a job suiting the US labor market but that didn't work out or weren't my type. Why didn't I make it clear to her that I love her? It was the difficulty that she's living in a country so far away and the rules there to immigrate are so hard. Also, I didn't have the right job. I didn't like the idea to just work as a unskilled worker and not being able to earn enough money. I know, material aspects are not primary for a relationship but it makes life hard. A secondary education in the US is not possible unless you have money or excellent grades.... Then, another wrong decision made it unpossible to get to America: I went into the public adminstration sector. Nobody needs that knowledge there. The last news were that I get to know another woman to which I'm married now. What conclusions did I make from that? Grab the bull by the horns - when you're already in the right place at the right time and meet a great woman!
If I just could turn back time.

Her character, knowledge and abilities
- highly intelligent
- musical (Soprano in an advanced school choir "Madrigals" and member of the Marching Band of the school)
- very diligent and ambitous
- friendly and helpful
- exotically pretty
- already grown up at the age of 16 and decent
- joyful
- sucessful in academics (school: Honor Rroll Society; University: M.B.A. from Cornell University); although keen to fulfill a private life (hobbies)
April 7th, 2001

Tagesdatum und Uhrzeit


Wohnort Portland, OR

Festnetz: 001-503-285-2898 

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